Father Thomas, for more then 10 years dedicated his work to the development, empowerment and encouragement of the... Read More

Rosanna Reboldi Bleks, inspired by the missionary work of father Thomas, have started to give a human face to tourism by ploughing back in the... Read More

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Eagles Rock Tours & Safaris through (ERTS) the work of its CEO Rosanna Reboldi Bleks, inspired by the visionary mission of Father Thomas, has given a human face to tourism by ploughing back in the deprived and underprivileged communities of the north-eastern Namibia what the many Italian visitors to this beautiful country donate for those in urgent need of help and support.

Rosanna has been the catalyst that has brought together its collaborating tour guides, other friends such as Marcello Bandettini of the Order of Malta and his wife Lalla, and Nadia e Rolando Meneguzzo, who where already involved in fundraising activities both in Italy and in Namibia.

With the technical support of Bruno Venditto already involved in developmental activities in the country with the Italian NGO Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli, Rosanna has created a structure, the Kehemu Tuzemi Komeho (KetuKo) capable both of raising funds and to develop and implement specific project for those in needs.

Kehemu Tuzeni Komeho